Closed May 25th - May 29th

Gui​ded Light Energy​ Th​erapy and Massage

Beth Titus 

Myofascial Specialist | Acupressure

Energy Work | Intuitive Guidance | Massage

Feeling good is integral to living a happy, healthy life. This is at the heart of all that I do.

You have my promise that I will walk beside you in your journey

toward feeling better and feeling good.

I am grateful that you are here.


Massage Therapist and Energy Worker in Des Moines Iowa

About Beth


Massage in Des Moines Iowa



With this full-body massage,

you will experience Beth's smooth and intentional style that stimulates your body's natural ability to relax, release pain, and healBeth carefully listens to your needs and gladly provides specific work when requested.

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Energy Therapy in Metro Des Moines, Iowa



With a gentle approach, Beth guides you towards a meditative state and supports you as you let go physically, mentally, and emotionally so you can feel better. 

Sessions can be stand-alone (fully clothed) or incorporated into a massage.

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Foot Massage that stimulates reflexology points

Intuitive Guidance


Beth provides a safe and non-judgmental space for you to speak from your heart and explore the questions and wonderings you have. Together we will guide you to a stronger connection to who you are and give you the tools to live a life that feels good to you.

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What clients are saying

"She's one of the best." - M.    "Magical." - F.

"I feel amazing!! Thank you." - S.

"I cannot speak highly enough of Beth Titus. 

Her work is divinely inspired and guided. 

Her modalities are healing and transformative, without a doubt." - J.

Closed May 25th - May 29th

Pricing and Hours

Full 60 Minute Session


Full 90 Minute Session


Full 120 Minute Session


Appointments are available  

Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, 

and Wednesdays 

Time checking in and getting on and off the table is not considered part of the session, please allow for the extra time in your schedule.

 - Only Checks or Cash are accepted.

Please make checks payable to Guided Light, LLC.

Please call or text for an appointment


Serving the Greater Des Moines area

Located at 86th and Douglas in Urbandale, IA